About Culti Group


Culti Group is social meetup community that’s about connecting people who have an international mindset and also have a healthy interest for local culture all over Europe! Our “‘Motherland” is The Netherlands, The Frieslands and Germany, but make no mistake… We are very international :). For example, our most used language is…. English. Culti Group invites members of Meetup.com in several cities in Europe to attend to our events on a regular basis!

Other than meeting each other, we also are about music, freespeech, and housing. A bit more information about this can be found after scrolling down.


We can be found on meetup, wordpress, facebook, twitter and youtube.


If you look in the map, than you can find us in The Benelux,  Catalonia, Friesland, Germany and Poland. If you look on Meetup than here is the list of all 14 Authentic Culti Groups! LINK


Culti Group is more than a Meetup Group! On the Free Speech Zone of our WordPress Blog ( which is this website ) we post articles and stories that are written by some of the Friends of Culti Group. Or links to their work if they are publishing elsewhere.

Other than that, Culti Group has it’s own selections of Music! Sure we have a more than average level of interest in “Songs from The Motherlands”. Ofcourse we also have a lot of interest for songs in English! But we also have selections of World Music. Links to all this will follow as soon as possible.

We also are about housing – all we do in this field is creating some facebookgroups where The Friends of Culti Group can help themselves, and each other… Because that’s what we are all about :)


Inside Culti Group a lot of left wingers and right wingers have joined forces when it comes to making a start with ending the existence of bossy governments. We don’t want it – instead we want selfgovernance indeed – but we want power to the people indeed! But….. We don’t want to push this on the Friends of Culti Group!

So everyone that wants to can join the first kid of Culti Group – which is the Multi Mokum Group in Amsterdam! In Amsterdam, we will change The Netherlands. And in The Netherlands, we will change the world. Wanna follow all this? That just sign up for this Group right here => LINK


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  1. Hello .Thank you for letter . Could you please note my main e-mail address is: jfreedman67@gmail.com
    Thank you. Jeffrey

    1. Erm… I dont understand this answer…. I also dont really understand wordpress… Can you explain a bit more why I should note this?

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