Culti Meetup Group


Culti Group is social meetup community that’s about connecting people who have an international mindset and also have a healthy interest for local culture all over Europe! Our “‘Motherland” is The Frieslands, but make no mistake… We are very international :). Culti Group invites members of in several cities in Europe to attend to our events on a regular basis!

Other than meeting each other, we also are about jobs, housing and music. A bit more information about this will be added to this page later on.

– Where you can find the over 44.000 Friends of Culti Group –

Culti Group connects over 44.000 Friends in 15 meetup groups, which are in 6 different countries. In Belgium, you can join us in this group. In Catalonia, we are present in Barcelona. In Germany, you can find us in Berlin, Hamburg, NRW, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. There also is a group which is active in both Aachen and Zuid Limburg.

Further on, in Poland you can find us in Warsaw. In the Southern part of The Netherlands you can find us in Den Bosch and Eindhoven.  And, last but not least, in The Netherlands you can find us in the regions Amstelland, Fryslân, Holland, Kennemerland and Utrecht. In the Netherlands, We also are active in the cities Amersfoort, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, Hilversum, Leeuwarden,  Leiden, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

– Contact Us

Culti Group is really decentral – our office is where our laptop is. This page is all our “headquarters” are. Our Contact person is the founder and administrator of Culti Group, Cloggie Arjan.

Thanks for reading – and now, let’s meet 🙂







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