What does “Culti” means to us?

On some occasions on events people ask one of the organizers: What does “Culti” Mean? That’s a smart question, because a lot of people just assumes it means “Cultural”, or “Multi Culti”. Some people assume it means “Culinary”. No mather how logical these assumptions are, neither one of them  are 100% correct…

So, if “Culti” doesn’t simply mean “Multi Culti” or “Cultural” – than what does it mean? In fact… Until 2013, The word had no specific meaning! It was picked someyears ago, because there’s a nice, post-national vibe around this word – and because it’s catchy. No other meaning – at first!

The idea was to find direction first, and to define what our events are all about later… In 2013, things started falling together. What People want on our meetups became to be more and more clear. It seems like “Culti” stands for the “sum” of being free, being fun and being friendly🙂

So in fact we discovered that “Culti” to us stands for: Fun, Freedom and Friendship🙂

Thanks for reading, and see you on one of the events🙂


Culti Group Founder

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